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Frequently Asked Questions about opening a new restaurant, managing restaurants and the restaurant industry.
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FAQ About Restaurants
Readers write in and ask all sorts of restaurant related questions.

Q&A How do I Save Money at my Restaurant?
How to save money at your restaurant.

How Can I Go Green at My Restaurant?
Reader asks how she can go green at her restaurant without spending a lot of money.

Reader Q&A How Do I Compete With a New Restaurant?
Reader asks how he can make his restaurant compete with a new restaurant in town. Looking at customer service, restaurant menu and pricing and embracing social media are just a few ways to compete in business.

Reader Q&A How Do I Make the Most of a Small Restaurant Dining Room?
Reader asks what is the best design for a very small restaurant dining room.

Reader Question: How do I make a smaller restaurant dining room more intimate?
Reader writes in and asks how to make a large dining room better suited for restaurant customers.

Reader Q&A - Should I Buy New or Used Equipment?
readers ask which is a better option when opening a new restaurant, buying new commercial equipment or purchasing used restaurant equipment?

Reader Q&A How do I Get Financing for a New Restaurant?
Reader asks what is the best way to secure financing for opening a new restaurant.

Reader Asks How to Start a Food Truck Business
Reader asks how to start a food truck business

Reader Q&A: What is Restaurant Week?
Reader asks if her restaurant should participate in the local restaurant week.

Q&A What’s A Good Food Truck Concept?
Reader asks what type of restaurant food truck should she open?

How Do I Deal With Customer Complaints?
Reader asks how to deal with customer complaints at his restaurant.

Reader Question: How Can I Save Money on My New Restaurant?
Reader asks how to save money when opening a new restaurant.

Reader Asks: How do I Use Twitter at My Restaurant
Reader asks if he needs to start using Twitter at his restaurant.

Reader Asks: Will Outsourcing Save My Restaurant Money?
Ways to save money at your restaurant

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