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Restaurant Concepts

There are many different types of restaurant concepts to choose from, including fine dining, fast casual, family style, food trucks and pop ups.
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Types of Restaurants
Types of restaurant concepts, including cafes, pubs, fast casual and fine dining.

How to Choose a Restaurant Concept
It is important when opening a new restaurant to have a clear concept, which is relfected in your menu, prices, and atmosphere. It is also important to focus on one concept and not get caught up in the lastest food trends and fads.

Restaurant Operation Trends
Like fashion, restaurant operations have trends and fads that ebb and flow with time- recall the roller-skating waitresses at drive-in diners during the 1950s. Listed below are some popular restaurant trends that aren’t likely to disappear for a while yet.

10 Things You Should Know About Restaurant Concepts
Everything you should know about choosing a restaurant concept, from a fast causual franchise to fine dining. Tips for choosing a clear restaurant concept.

The Basics of Choosing a Restaurant Theme
Choosing a restaurant theme is more than just writing a menu or choosing a location. It is a mix of dining room design, type of food on the menu and customer service.

Different Types of Restaurant Concepts
There are many different types of restaurants concepts to choose from when opening a new restaurant. From fine dining to fast casual, many restaurants are a blend of concepts, making a unique theme.

Restaurant Buffet
Restaurant buffets are one type of restaurant concept that includes self service and catering services. If you are opening a new restaurant, you can offer a buffet for special occasions or as a restaurant promotion.

What Is Your Favorite Restaurant Theme or Concept?
Do you love Italian? Southern BBQ? Asian Fusion? There are countless restaurant themes available today, many often overlapping. What’s your favorite restaurant theme?

Easy Restaurant Ideas
Not every restaurant has to cost a lot of money. Food trucks and pop-up restaurants are just two restaurant concepts that are inexpensive. Catering and selecting a small restaurant space are both ways to open your own restaurant without having to spend a lot of money.

Should Your Restaurant Offer Breakfast?
Not all restaurants are set up to offer breakfast. Breakfast offers low food cost, but also the lowest check averages. Read on to find out the pros and cons of offering breakfast at your restaurant.

Q&A Should I Open a Restaurant or Cater?
reader asks if she should open a new restaurant or start a catering business

What is Fast Casual Dining
Fast casual is one of the strongest restaurant concepts, despite the recession.

What is a Family Style Restaurant Concept
Family style dining is a popular restaurant concept used by many US chains including 99, Appleebees, and LongHorn Steakhouse.

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