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Before You Open a New Restaurant

Information on what to do before you opening a new restaurant.

Is Owning a Restaurant Right for You?
Restauranting is a calling, not a job. Owning your own restaurant has great benefits and major drawbacks.

Before You Open a Restaurant
Everything you need to know about opening a restaurant, from choosing the perfect location to designing the menu.

Five Myths of Owning a Restaurant
Myths about owning a restauranting, including it is an easy way to make money.

Five Things You should Know Before Opening a Restaurant
when opening a new restaurant there are plenty of things you should know before you get started like choosing a good location, deciding on a concept and seeking out financing.

All About Designing a New Restaurant
Designing a new restaurant involves many different parts, from the layout the commercial kitchen to the flow of the dining room. Other areas include the restaurant bar, restrooms, waiting area and outdoor dining areas.

How to Choose the Right Restaurant Concept
before you open a new restaurant, it is important to know what type of concept you want. Do you want fine dining or casual? It is also important to have an effective restaurant business plan in place, which outlines your concept, population base, menu and location.

Three Parts of Being a Restaurant Owner
Managing restaurant finances, staff and customer service are all parts of being a restaurant owner.

10 Signs You Should Own a Restaurant
There are certain signs show you could be a restaurant owner, such as calculating food cost in your head, close attention to dining room details and writing menus in your spare time.

You are a Restaurant Owner, Not a Superhero!
A day in the life of a restaurant owner shows common mistakes many owners make trying to save money when opening a new restaurant.

Should You Buy an Existing Restaurant?
Should you buy an existing restaurant? Or should you just open your own restaurant? Is an existing restaurant a good investment?

Restauranting FAQs
Questions commonly asked when opening a new restaurant, such as how to get a business loan, what type of restaurant equipment to buy and how to choose a restaurant location and restaurant name.

Easy Steps to Open a Restaurant on a Budget
Sometimes less is more when it comes to a restaurant design or concept. Depending on your restaurant theme, you can get away with many inexpensive design tricks. To help you get started, here are some ideas for creating an inviting dining space, without breaking your budget.

Front of the House Operations
A well stocked, well manned front of the house is key to a successful restaurant. There are certain jobs for the front of the house of a restaurant suited to different types of people. How to stock the front of the house is also important.

The Business of Starting a New Restaurant
restaurant, opening a new restaurant, incorporating, women in business, restaurant franchise, writing a business plan, restaurant name

Getting Ready to Open a New Restaurant
There are many parts of opening a new restaurant, from choosing the right location and the perfect name, to hiring staff and buying equipment.

Resources for Opening and Managing a Restaurant
Running a restaurant for dummies, the everything guide to catering, Paula Deen's Biography and Anthony Bourdaine's No Reservation.

Five Reasons to Open Your Own Restaurant
Five good reasons that you would make a good restaurant owner. Patience, business sense and good communication skills are just a few traits that you should have if you are thinking of opening your own restaurant.

Basic Checklist for Opening a New Restaurant
Everything you need to know about getting started opening a restaurant

Ten Things Everybody Should Know About Restaurants
Owning a restaurant won't make you rich or famous. But it can...

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