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Restaurant Catering

Information on catering for restaurants, including menu ideas, supplies and equipment lists, and marketing strategies.
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Restaurant Catering Basics
Restaurant catering is a good way to expand your customer base and bring in extra revenue.

Guide to Buying Restaurant Catering Equipment
Decide if your restaurant is catering on or off premise. How many people can your restaurant cater? What kind of restaurant catering equipment do you need to start a catering business?

Guide to Restaurant Catering
Guide to all aspects of restaurant catering, including how to write and price a catering menu, catering equipment checklists and catering on and off premise.

10 Things You Should Know About Catering
Catering can help you get a start in the restaurant business or can help an exisiting restaurant grow its customer base.

How to Start a Self-Catering Business
How to Start a Catering Business

Catering 101
Catering is a good way for restaurants to boost sales and expose their food and service to a wider audience.

Holiday Catering Guide
How restaurants can improve sales by holiday catering. On premise and off premise parties and dinners offer a great way for restaurants to expand customer base and marketing.

Catering FAQ
Frequently asked questions about restaurant catering

Four Rules For Successful Catering
Four rules for restaurant owners to know when catering large parties in their resetaurant.

Choosing Catering Services
Here is a great break down of catering services, from the About Guide to Event Planning, Rob Hard.

Catering Equipment Checklist
Checklist for catering small and large events in a restaurant or off premise.

Restaurant Wedding Catering Basics
Wedding catering is no small affair. Restaurants who offer wedding catering services need to be organized and well staffed. Having the right equipment for a wedding is also important.

Restaurant Catering Equipment Guide
Off-premise catering offers restaurants a chance to expand business beyond their dining rom. However, catering outside of a restaurant requires a lot of attention to detail and organization. You need a certain pieces of commercial equipment to serve food safey and efficiently.

Restaurant Catering Events
Restaurant catering includes many different types of food service menus and themes. From food stations to buffets and plated dinners, the more versatile your restaurant catering is, the more business you can bring in, outside of your dining room.

A Guide to Starting a Catering Business
Step by step guide to starting your own catering company, from buying the right commercial equipment to writing a stellar catering menu.

FAQ How to Start Off Premise Catering at a Restaurant
Reader asks how to start off-premise catering at his restaurant.

Reader Q&A: How do I Promote Catering at my Restaurant
Reader asks about how to advertise catering at her restaurant.

10 Hot Wedding Trends for Restaurant Catering
Popular trends for catering menus, featuring local foods, gluten free menus

How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Catering Business
Tips for using pinterest to promote a self catering company

How to Use Social Media With Your Catering Business
Tips for using social media to promote your self catering company

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