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Guide to Restaurant Catering

Everything a restaurant needs to start their a catering business


Guide to Restaurant Catering

Catering lets you bring your food to the customer, outside of your restaurant.

Geoffrey A Stemp
Longtime readers know that I am a firm believer in restaurant catering. Not only do restaurants have a built in catering clientele in their customer base, they have all the resources – food, equipment, staff- for catering potential big and small events. Restaurant catering offers you a chance to increase both your sales and your customer base. People already love your food, so why not capitalize on that and offer catering services as well? To help readers get started, I’ve put together a quick guide to restauranting catering. I’ve also added information garnered from the About.com Guide to Event Planning, Rob Hard.

Four Rules of Successful Catering

There are four basic rules every restaurant should follow when offering catering services. They include:

    • Organization
    • Headcount
    • Time limits
    • Minimum number of guests

Day-to-day operations of any restaurant require a tremendous amount of organizational skill. So does catering. You prepare and serve a large number of meals at one time, and orchestrate other aspects of the function, such as pouring champagne toasts, cake cutting and serving and overseeing the bar. Requiring a final headcount, setting firm time limits and requiring a minimum number of guests will ensure that you are making a profit on each catering job.

Basics of Restaurant Catering

The basics of restaurant catering include a breakdown of what equipment is needed to cater both large and small parties, how much staff is needed, the types of parties that restaurants typically cater as well as how to go about writing and planning catering menus. Both on-premise and off-premise catering has become increasingly common for many restaurants. Restaurants with private dining rooms and banquet facilities can increase sales by catering private parties and large functions such as weddings, holiday parties and business conferences. Off premise catering is another area of the restaurant industry that continues to grow.

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