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Customer Service

From training your staff to dealing with unhappy customers, the service at your restaurant can make or break you. Keep customers coming back again and again with these tips for great customer service.

Ten Things Everybody Should Know About Restaurants
Owning a restaurant won't make you rich or famous. But it can...

10 Things to Know About Customer Service
There are many ways to show customers how much your restaurant appreciates their business. From stellar customer service to specials and other promotions, restaurant customer appreciation can go a long way.

Should You Take Restaurant Reservations?
Should your restaurant take reservations? Restaurant reservations make it easier to control staffing and cooking times. However, restaurant reservations also run the risk of alienating customers.

Guide to Restaurant Customer Service
How to Restaurants Can Give Great Customer Service, from showing customer appreciation to how to handle drunk customers and customer complaints.

The Basics of Restaurant Tipping
Differnces between restaurant tipping, gratuity and service charges. How bad tips hurt the whole restaurant, not just the servers.

How to Handle Customer Complaints
Tips for handling customer complaints. Send your customers home happy with a free round of drinks or a free dessert.

Tips For Showing Customer Appreciation
Tips for showing customer appreciation, including getting to know your regular customers and dealing with customer complaints.

How to Deal With Drunk Customers
How to deal with drunk customers at your new restaurant.

Five Principles of Customer Service
About.com guide for small business, Darrell Zahorksy, discusses what small business owners can learn from science.

The Ten Commandments of Customer Service
Here is a great article that touches upon all the major areas of customer service. Each of these 10 commandments can be adapted to the restaurant industry.

Sample Restaurant Comment Card
Sample of a restaurant comment card that restaurant owners can use to gauge customer service and handle customer complaints.

How to Create a Customer Comment Card
How to create a customer comment card that can help pinpoint customer service problems within a restaurant.

Reader Q&A Customer Service
Reader writes in and asks how to best train staff for excellent customer service.

Reader Asks: Do You Have Any Suggestions for Easy Restaurant Promotions?
Easy ways to promote your restaurant using social media, contests, restaurant week and prix fixe menus

Guide to Being a Restaurant Owner
Comprehensive guide to owning and managing a restaurant

How Does Your Restaurant Capture Customer Feedback?
Restaurants can use customer feedback through comment cards and social media to make improvements to customer service.

10 Ways to Show Restaurant Customers You Care  
Customer appreciation starts with good restaurant management.

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