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Exterior Design


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The most important piece of marketing for a restaurant is its signage and entrance. If the entrance is poorly marked, hard to find, or uninviting, it will make it hard to attract customers.


Your sign is one of your major brand touchstones. Make sure your customers can find you! Have a bright, large, well-lit sign that reflects your restaurant concept. What is your message?


It’s important to make sure that the entrances and exits to the restaurant will be accessible to the expected patrons. I can’t tell you how many restaurants that cater to families with young children have steps up to or down to the entrance door. This makes it difficult if not impossible for people with strollers to come in and sends the message that strollers are not really welcome.

Similarly, if you’re opening an expensive, fine dining eatery that will cater to an older crowd, make sure that it is easy for seniors to enter and exit the restaurant comfortably.


If your location is in an area where people will mostly drive to reach your location, make sure that you provide ample parking or arrange discounts with nearby lots and/or valet parking, so as not to deter customers or encourage them to go elsewhere.

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