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New Restaurant Concept Comes to NY from Europe


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New Chocolate Cafe on 5th Ave.

A few months ago, construction started on the 8th floor of Saks' Flagship 5th Avenue location. Rumblings were that a chocolate cafe complete with a moving sushi belt, a chocolate fountain and crystal chandeliers was moving in. Enter Charbonnel et Walker, the premier chocolatier from London.

Charbbonel et Walker Arrives in NY

What a find! Patrons seated at the tasting bar salivate while viewing the beautifully plated desserts circling on the sushi belt. Executive Chef and Manager, Janelle Palm, creates the decadent chocolate brownies, English Toffee Cupcakes and other high-quality desserts in the new on-site kitchen.

Cafe tables filled with people sipping hot chocolate and espresso surround one side of the tasting counter, while the other side is filled with a large display of Charbonnel confections imported from England.

Chocolate Cafes have been around in Europe for many years, but they are new to the U.S. There are several non-affiliated cafes in New York City and Chicago but soon this yummy trend should spread to major cities throughout the US. The concept is unique, as it tries to meld the atmosphere of Starbucks with the popularity of chocolate. Traditionally, chocolate shops had little room if any to consume the treats they sold.

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