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Restaurants have a complex set of rules and regulations that can overwhelm a new owner. From health codes, to mandatory insurances, to liquor licensing, all of your questions related to restaurant laws and licenses are explained here.
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Restaurant Legal Basics
all about opening a restaurant and insurance, liquor licenses, and other legal areas new restaurant owners should know about.

All About Restaurant Liquor Licenses
What is a liquor license, why restaurants need a liquor license and how to apply for a liquor license.

Five Rules Every Restaurant Owner Should Be Familiar With
Restaurant owners need to know laws pertaining to minimum wage, overtime, social security verification and illegal immigrants.

Minimum Wages Laws By State
A list of the minimum wage by state, as of January 2007.

Erecting Your Restaurant on Legal Ground
From the popular Dummies series, here is a short article discussing various legal aspects of opening your own restaurant.

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