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Advertising and Marketing

Marketing, also known as advertising, is essential for most new restaurants. There are many ways to market your restaurant, including local papers, TV and websites. However, word-of-mouth is often the best (and cheapest) marketing for a restaurant.
  1. Advertising on a Budget (5)
  2. Holiday Marketing Ideas for Restaurants (1)
  3. Social Media Marketng for Restaurats (22)
  4. Special Promotional Ideas (18)

10 Restaurant Promotions
There are many different types of restaurant promotions that can bring in new business, such as themed dinners, happy hour and live entertainment.

Guide to Restaurant Advertising
Complete guide to designing an advertising campaign for both new and exisitinig restaurants.

What is Restaurant Week?
Restaurant Week began in New York City as a promotion during the 1992 Democratic Convention.

How to Build a Restaurant Website Part 2
Everything your restaurant needs to market itself and build an online presence, as well as enhance customer service.

How to Build a Restaurant Website
How to build a restaurant website, from free open source software website programs or hiring someone to build your website.

How to Market Within Your Restaurant
Once customers walk through your restaurant door, it's an opportunity to advertise upcoming events, menu specials, and any other promotions you have planned. In-house restaurant marketing is an inexpensive way to keep customers coming back.

Month by Month Advertising Guide for Restaurants
Guide to effective month by month advertising for a restaurant, including dinner specials, prix fixe menus and restaurant promotions.

How to Advertise For a New Restaurant
Advertising is essential for a new restaurant. Great food, service and atmosphere will keep customers coming back, but you need advertising to get them through doors that first time.

How to Be a Kid Friendly Restaurant
Kid friendly restaurants are a great way to bring in whole families to dine on a regular basis. Update your restaurant's kid menu to include healthy options.

Restaurant Promotions
Restaurant Promotions are a great way to bring in extra business.

The Basics of Up-Selling Menu Items
How to train restaurant staff to up-sell menu items to increase restaurant profits.

Restaurant Guide to Mother's Day
Mother's Day is one of the busiest restaurant holidays.

May Restaurant Holidays

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