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Month by Month Advertising Guide for Restaurants

Ideas for restaurant advertising and promotions for every month of the year


Month by Month Advertising Guide for Restaurants

Restaurant advertising should change with the calendar.

Dave Wicks
New Years Resolution Month. This is a time when many people vow to stop eating out to lose weight and stick to a stricter budget. Not the best conditions for many restaurants. Depending on where you are located you may be able to advertise to winter vactioners, skiiers, snowmobilers or in warmer climates, those looking to escape harsh winter conditions. Offer up weekend specials, and mid-week specials such as two for one deals. A lighter-side options for those New Year’s dieters is another way to draw in extra business.

Valentine’s Day. Unequivacably one of the best (if not the best day) for many restaurants. Promote your Valentine’s Day specials in the local paper. Focus your dinner menu on couples meals and decadant desserts that can be shared by two. Many schools have a winter vacation in February, so running some lunch specials and dinner specials that week can also help bring in extra business.

Cabin Fever Month. Not warm enough for outdoor dining and not cold enough for winter sports. Consider advertising a specialty dinner, like a wine tasting or nightly prix fixe menu. Advertise your restaurant promotions, like ladies night, two-for-one dinners or a wine tasting dinner . Local chamber of commerce or other local business organizations begin putting together summer tourists’ guides in late winter or early spring. If you hope to draw from local tourism in the summer months, be sure to place an ad for your restaurant now.

Spring has arrived. Advertise your springtime specials, focusing on lighter fare, like salads, new vegetables and fruity desserts. If you have outdoor dining, advertise that the deck/patio is open for business. Nothing draws a crowd like the promise of a warm, sunny outdoor lunch after a long winter.

May has great potential for restaurant advertising. It is the start of wedding season, prom season, and college graduations. If your restaurant has a banquet room or does any kind of catering, promote it! May is the time to gear up for summering catering as well. It is never to early to advertise your catering services for summer picnics, weddings, or barbeques.

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