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The menu sets the tone for the restaurant. It is why people keep coming back. However, creating a restaurant menu involves a lot of work and research. Before you begin writing your menu, you must have a definite concept in mind, as well as a general price range. Finally, the look and layout of your menu is just as important as what it says.
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10 things You Should Know About Restaurant Menus
A restaurant menu is more than just a list of food with prices. It is a reflection of your restaurant style and concept. A restaurant menu is not something to be hastily written up, but rather an important marketing tool that should be carefully considered. There are three main parts of designing a restaurant menu: Description, Layout and Pricing.

Top Trends for Restaurant Menus
Every year the National Restaurant Association publishes its What's Hot Survey. In 2012 expect see trends focusing on healthier menu options, especially childrens menus. Local, sustainable foods is another hot, hot trend, as is artisan menu items and hyper-local produce.

Yesterday’s News Menu Trends for 2012
Every year the national restaurant association releases its What's Hot restaurant survey outlining popular restaurant menu trends for 2012.

Perennial Favorite Menu Trends
The 2012 What's Hot Chefs survey rates over 200 items, some of which are considered perennial favorites. Such items as eggs, pie, italian cuisine and comfort food are all among 2012 favorite menu trends.

Restaurant Menus
A restaurant menu is a showcase for a restaurant’s signature dishes, reflecting the theme, ambiance and style of a restaurant. Restaurant menus can be very formal or very casual.

10 Classic Restaurant Menu Trends
Ten staple menu items that can be dressed up or dressed down to fit any restaurant concept.

What to Skip When Writing Your Restaurant Menu
When writing a restaurant menu avoid things like clip art and a lot of techinal jargon.

What is a Prix Fixe Menu?
What is a prix fixe menu restaurant

Video Tips For Creating a Restaurant Menu
Creating a menu is a process that involves many factors, from seasonality to cost to customer demand. Learn what executive chef Brian Young from Tavern on the Green has to say about creating menus for different functions.

2013 Restaurant Menu Buzz Words: Ethnic
Ethnic is the new word for restaurant menus in 2013

Prix Fixe Menu
A prix fixe menu is type of limited menu that has a fixed price and a set list of dishes.

10 Easy Ways to Make Restaurant Children’s Menus Healthier
Ten ingredients that improve the health of kids’ restaurant menus, including whole grains, low fat milk and yogurt and fresh fruit and vegetables. These are low cost ideas that will help restaurants stay in line with food costs.

10 Food and Beverage Trends to Try at Your Restaurant
10 food and drink trends for restaurant menus, including local foods, gluten free cooking and new twists on comfort food.

10 Hot Trends to Try at Your Restaurant
Popular trends for restaurant owners,including local foods, ethnic cuisine and social marketing campaigns.

10 Ways to Use Local Foods at Your Restaurant
Different ways to use local foods to promote and market your restaurant, including in prix fixe menus, food truck themes, and as community fundraisers.

How to Write a Restaurant Menu

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