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Open a Restaurant


Starting a new restaurant is an exciting venture. However, it takes a lot of planning and preperation to get a new restaurant up and running. Prospective restaurant owners need to find the perfect location and select the perfect restaurant name. Then they must find financing and begin hiring staff.
  1. Opening A Restaurant
  2. Finding the Perfect Location
  3. Restaurant Concepts
  4. Restaurant Menus
  1. Finding Financing
  2. Stocking a Restaurant
  3. Staffing a Restaurant

Opening A Restaurant

Not everybody is cut out for life in the restaurant business. You have to be flexible and organized as well friendly and accomodating. Owning your own restaurant can be a rewarding job, but it probably won't make you famous or rich.

Finding the Perfect Location

Location can make or break a restaurant. Kenn Kiser.

Location, location, location. It can make or break a restaurant. There are certain criteria any location should meet before becoming a restaurant. It must be accessible, safe and attractive.

Restaurant Concepts

There are many restaurant concepts to choose from when opening a new restaurant, including franchise chains and independent restaurants. Your restaurant concept will drive all parts of your restaurant, from the decor to the design and prices of the menu.

Restaurant Menus

The menu sets the tone for the restaurant. It is why people keep coming back. However, creating a restaurant menu involves a lot of work and research. Before you begin writing your menu, you must have a definite concept in mind, as well as a general price range. Finally, the look and layout of your menu is just as important as what it says.

Finding Financing

The biggest obstacle in opening a new restaurant is financing. Banks aren't always eager to finance a new restaurant, given the high failure rate of many. However, being prepared and showing the bank or investors that you are serious about your dream can help in securing financing.

Stocking a Restaurant

Knowing what to buy, as well as what not to buy, when getting ready to open a restaurant can save you a lot of time and money. Knowing which items to purchase new with a warranty and which items are safe to pick second-hand, will help you save money later on, once you have opened.

Staffing a Restaurant

Restaurant staff should be team players. Sason Saidi.

Hiring a staff requires specific knowledge of each job within the restaurant. From front of the house waitstaff, to back of the house kitchen staff, each person needs to be the best at their job, in order for a restaurant to run smoothly.

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