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Restaurant Resources

From networks like the Food Channel to magazines dedicated to restauranting, advice on starting your restaurant is everywhere. We've put together a comprehensive list of resources to help answer all your questions about the restaurant business.
  1. Green Restaurant Resources (5)
  2. History of Restaurants (5)
  3. Restaurant Magazines (3)
  4. Restaurant Related Books (7)
  5. Restaurant Related TV (4)
  6. State Resources (2)
  7. What's Hot Chefs Survey (12)

100 Things You Should Know About Restaurants
If you are thinking of opening a newrestaurant, understand there's a lot of information available, from writing a business plan to marketing a new restaurant. To help you get started, here are 100 things, broke down into 10 categories, to know about restaurant.

10 Ways to Promote Your Restaurant
10 Ways to Promote Your Restaurant including busy holidays like New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, as well as other promotions like Restaurant Week and tasting dinners.

More Restaurant Resources
Restaurant promotions like restaurant week, food safety and the history of restaurants are just some resources available for mananagers and owners.

10 Things to Know About Restaurant Management
restaurant management involves many different aspects, including public relations, inventory, dealing with staff, customer service and the list goes on and on. Here are ten 10 things you should know about managing a restaurant.

Restaurant Summer Checklist
tips for getting your restaurant ready for the busy summer months. Now is the time to hire new restaurant staff, service your commercial equipment and update your restaurant menu.

Resources for Opening and Managing a Restaurant
Running a restaurant for dummies, the everything guide to catering, Paula Deen's Biography and Anthony Bourdaine's No Reservation.

National Restaurant Association
The National Restaurant Association is a great resources for both new and veteran restaurateurs. It has information on individual state laws, up and coming menu trends and profiles of industry leaders.

The James Beard Foundation
The James Beard Foundation: To celebrate, preserve, and nurture America's culinary heritage.

Restaurant Food Safety
Restaurant food safety starts with educated restaurant employees. Areas like correct hand washing, programs like ServSafe and HACCP will help...

Restaurant How –To Guides
Here are step-by-step guides that outline every aspect of opening and managing a restaurant. Find everything you need to write a restaurant business plan, purchase commercial equipment and market your new restaurant.

Five Things to Outsource in Your Restaurant
Consider outsourcing your website, laundry, taxes, payroll and kitchen cleaning as part of owning a restaurant.

Five Reasons to Open Your Own Restaurant
Five good reasons that you would make a good restaurant owner. Patience, business sense and good communication skills are just a few traits that you should have if you are thinking of opening your own restaurant.

10 Ways to Make Your Restaurant Awesome
Simple ways to improve your restaurant's day to day business.

Guide to Being a Restaurant Owner
Comprehensive guide to owning and managing a restaurant

Ten Things Everybody Should Know About Restaurants
Owning a restaurant won't make you rich or famous. But it can...

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