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Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning List

Schedule for keeping your restaurant kitchen clean


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Here is a handy list that outlines how to keep your restaurant kitchen spic and span. Some jobs should be done several times a day, while others need to only be done weekly or monthly.

Restaurant Kitchen items to clean throughout every cooking shift

    • Brush grill between cooking red meat, poultry and fish
    • Wipe down the line and prep areas
    • Switch cutting boards
    • Change sanitizing water and cleaning rags
    • Empty trash bins

Restaurant Kitchen items to clean after each cooking shift (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

    • Clean the fryers
    • Brush the grill
    • Empty sanitizing buckets
    • Put all cleaning rags in dirty laundry
    • Put all aprons and chefs coats in laundry (not with cleaning rags)
    • Wash and sanitize all surfaces (cutting boards, reach-in, line, prep tables)
    • Empty steam table and clean
    • Wash meat and cheese slicer after each use
    • Cover all bins in reach-in cooler with plastic wrap
    • Wash floor mats
    • Sweep and mop the kitchen floor
    • Sweep walk-in refrigerator

Daily Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning List

    • Clean out grease traps
    • Change foil linings of grill, range and flattops
    • Wash the can opener
    • Run hood filters through the dishwasher

Weekly Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning List - these duties can be rotated throughout the week

    • Empty reach-in coolers and wash and sanitize them
    • Delime sinks and faucets
    • Clean coffee machine
    • Clean the ovens. Be sure to follow the manufacturers instruction on this particular job.
    • Sharpen knives (okay, not cleaning, per se, but needs to be done)
    • Oil cast iron cookware
    • Use drain cleaners on floor drains

Monthly Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning List

    • Wash behind the hot line (oven, stove, fryers) to cut down on grease build up, which is a major fire hazard
    • Clean freezers
    • Empty and sanitize the ice machine
    • Calibrate ovens
    • Calibrate themometers
    • Sharpen the meat and cheese slicer
    • Wash walls and ceilings
    • Wipe down the dry storage area
    • Change any pest traps
    • Restock your first aid kit
    • Update your material safety data sheets, which outline how to safely use any chemicals in your restaurant.

Yearly Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning/Safety List

    • Check fire suppression system
    • Check fire extinguishes (this may need to be done twice a year, depending on where you live)
    • Clean hoods twice a year. There are many professional companies that specialize in hood cleaning. I highly recommend you use one rather than doing the job yourself (very messy and time consuming).
    • Clean pilot lights on gas kitchen equipment (Be sure to follow the manufacturers instruction).

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