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How to Reduce Food Spoilage in Your Restaurant Kitchen


How to Reduce Food Spoilage in Your Restaurant Kitchen

Keep food spoilage at bay with FIFO.

With budgets tight restaurants need to save money whenever and wherever possible. Reducing food spoilage is something that restaurants should be doing, even in a good economy. Here are some simple steps to keep food spoilage in your restaurant kitchen to a minimum.
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Here's How:

  1. Avoid over-buying fresh produce. Your sales rep may try to get you to buy several cases of lettuce or tomatoes because they are on sale. However if you won’t use more than one case in a week, then you run the risk of food spoilage. And that equals dollars lost. Only buy sales and specials of produce you can definitely sell within a week.
  2. Keep everything labeled and organized. This goes for everthing in your walk-in cooler and freezer as well as in your dry storage. Not only does it ensure food safety, it helps you use older food first (FIFO) before they spoil.
  3. Inspect all you food orders when they arrive. Often cases of fresh produce will arrive at your restaurant DOA. That is, they are either spoiled or well on their way. Send back cases and speak with your sales rep. If happens repeatedly, it is time to start shopping for a new food vendor.
  4. Keep beer and wine at constant temperatures. Even though beer and wine are not fresh per se, they are still perishable. Fluctuating temperatures can cause beer to have a “skunked” taste and makes wine bitter. So make sure your dry storage area, or wherever you store your beer and wine, is set at a constant temperature.


  1. Food spoilage is almost impossible to escape in a restaurant. But you can minimize it by staying organized and only buying what you need. However, don’t get overzealous about tossing questionable foods. When in doubt, throw it out. A little spoilage is better than risking your customers health.

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