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Special Promotional Ideas

Special promotional ideas for restaurants capitalize on holidays and other special events that happen throughout the year. Details how to write special menus and take reservations for busy times, like New Years Eve and Mothers Day.

Mother's Day Blunders
Restaurants can ruin busy days, like Mother's Day by overbooking, under-staffing and complicated menus. Avoid these common restaurant blunders and keep customers coming back week after week.

Restaurant Special Promotions
There are many types of special promotions that restaurants can try to increase sales, including fundraising dinners, murder mystery dinners, wine tastings, and catering.

Restaurants and Valentine’s Day
How to promote valentine's day at your restaurant, featuring prix fixe menus, reservations basics and staffing tips.

Sample Mother's Day Menu
Keep restaurant kitchen's running smoothly with a limited menu on busy days, like Mother's Day and New years Eve. Balance easy to prepare menu items like salads and casseroles with menu items that need to be prepared on the spot.

Restaurant Promotion: Wine Tasting
How to host a wine tasting, including hiring a sommelier and writing a wine tasting menu. Perfect for a restaurant promotion.

How to Plan a Restaurant Wine Tasting
How to choose wines and plan a menu for a restaurant Wine Tasting, as well as hire a sommelier. Wine tastings are good restaurant promotions that increase sales.

Sample Wine Tasting Dinner Menu
Sample menu for a wine tasting party and restaurant promotion.

How to Host a Restaurant Beer Dinner
Similar to a wine tasting, a beer tasting (or beer dinner) is a great way to get customers in during slow seasons at your restaurant. A restaurant beer dinner mixes great beers, generally microbrews or other artisan beers, with a prix fixe menu. Restaurants can sell tickets or take reservations to their beer dinner. Just make sure your kitchen can handle feeding a large crowd all at the s…

All About Wine Tastings
Frequently asked questions about how to host a wine tasting at your restaurant. What type of menu to offer, whether or not to take reservations and how to hire a sommelier.

10 Ways to use a Prix Fixe Menu at Your Restaurant
Different ways to incorporate a prix fixe menu at any restaurant, from fine dining to family casual, including a local foods night, promotional events and chef's tasting.

Restaurant Guide to Fall Promotions
Fall themed ideas for restaurant promotions, around Halloween, thanksgiving, and local foods

Restaurant Guide to Holiday Promotions
Holiday advertising and marking ideas for restaurants, as well as a checklist of things to do.

Restaurant Guide to Winter Promotions
Winter promotional ideas for restaurants, including how to increase sales during slow months.

Spring Guide for Restaurants
ideas for increasing restaurant sales including tasting dinners and menu updates

Is Your Restaurant Ready for St.Patrick's Day?

Restaurant Marketing Guide for June

Restaurant Menu Marketing Ideas for July
For restaurants, July offers plenty of marketing and promotional opportunities. Catering to vacationing families and offering cool treats in the hot weather is a good way to attract new customers and keep your regulars coming in during the Dog Days of Summer.

Restaurant Menu Marketing Ideas for August
Restaurant menu ideas for the month of august, including local foods, farmers markets and menu trends.

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