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10 Ways to use a Prix Fixe Menu at Your Restaurant

Limited Menus, Theater Menus and Prix Fixe Menus


10 Ways to use a Prix Fixe Menu at Your Restaurant

Prix Fixe menus aren't just for fine dining restaurants.

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A prix fixe menu, also known as a theater menu or limited menu, is a great tool for planning restaurant promotions, such as tasting dinners or participating in restaurant week. It is a standard fixture at many fine dining restaurants and more common in Europe than the United States. Prix Fixe literally means fixed price and it usually offers a better deal than buying items a la carte. There are many different ways restaurants can use a prix fixe menu to increase business and keep costs down. Read on for 10 innovative ways to incorporate a prix fixe menu at your restaurant.

    1. During restaurant Week. It is standard practice to use a prix fixe menu during restaurant week. Who participate in the national promotion offer a prix fixe menu at special prices, like lunch for 2013. To reflect the year. The point is to get people in the restaurant to try food at lower cost to get them to come back. Read more about how your restaurant can take part in Restaurant Week.

    2. During Lunch. Prix Fixe is usually associated with dinners, after all who has time for a five course lunch? But you can tailor a prix fixe menu for the busy lunch crowd. For example, soup, sandwich and gourmet brownie for $15.00.

    3. At a Pop Up Restaurant. Also known as supper clubs, pop up restaurants are very trendy at the moment. Because of the temporary design of a pop up. Prix fixe changing nightly, is the way to go. To have limited choices. People usually looking for some culinary adventure when they dine at a pop up.

    4. As Part of Recurring Promotional Nights. Some casual restaurants of a prix fixe meal special once a week or month. A recurring promotion that customers come to expect. For example, maybe offering a special fresh seafood prix fixe meal every last Friday night of the month. 5. For a Community Fundraisers. Give back to your local community with fundraising dinner, partner with a local charity or other nonprofit organization and offer a prix fixe menu, and donate a portion of the proceeds.

    6. For a Themed Dinners. Create a themed prix fixe menu like a trip Tuscany with Italian white wine, caprese salad, and pasta with sundried tomato cream sauce. Or a Hawaiian luau theme with pineapple glazed pork tenderloin and coconut infused jasmine rice, served with a Hawaiian wine such as a guava-grape merlot. These are good promotions as a cabin fever relievers or other slow season.

    7. During the Holidays. A prix fixe menu is ideal for busy days like Mother’s Day or Valentines. It helps keep the kitchen out of the weeds and run smoothly.

    8. As a Tasting Menu. Tasting menus are among current popular trends for restaurants, featuring specially selected drink and food pairings like a wine tasting or beer dinner. Build a prix fixe menu around three or four more wine or beer selection. Another idea for a tasting menu is your chef’s “greatest hits.” A menu featuring the most popular specials served over the years.

    9. To Try out New Menu items. Have you been hankering to spice up your regular menu? Why not build a prix fixe of a whole new items, from salads to sides to entrees to desserts. Ask customers for feedback and decide which items make it onto your regular restaurant menu.

    10. Catered Events. Prix fixe menus are great for catered events like weddings or rehearsal dinners because they allow guests to build a menu with a set price for their event and make ordering and preparing the food easier on the kitchen.

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