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Staffing a Restaurant

Hiring a staff requires specific knowledge of each job within the restaurant. From front of the house waitstaff, to back of the house kitchen staff, each person needs to be the best at their job, in order for a restaurant to run smoothly.
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Common Restaurant Jobs
There are many different types of jobs necessary for the smooth operation of any restaurant. As a restaurant owner or restaurnat manager, you must decide what jobs you want to do and what you want to hire out, such as bookkeeping and accounting.

Restaurant Server Job Description
A restaurant server job is more than just dropping food and collecting tips. It involves knowing the restaurant menu, excelling at customer service and knowing when to ask for help.

Restaurant Jobs
There are many different types of restaurant jobs available, in both the front of the house and the back of the house. There are also specialty jobs such as sommelier, butcher, pastry chef and sous cook.

Basics of Staffing a Restaurant
How to hire for a new restaurant, including chefs, bartenders, front of the house and other back of the house positions.

How to Write a Restaurant Employee Manual
How to write a restaurant employee manual for new servers, kitchen staff and bartenders. Be sure to include food safety, harassment and job policies.

How to Prevent Employee Theft
Six steps to preventing employee theft in restaurants, from tracking food and alcohol sales to installing security cameras.

Things to Know Before Your Start Hiring Staff
There are many laws pertaining to employee rights and employer obligations. So, before you place a "help wanted" sign in the window, read through these guidelines about hiring (and firing) employees.

How to Resolve Employee Conflict
Being a restaurant owner means you are responsible for your staff, which are much like a family, complete with arguments. Here is an informative article with tips for dealing with employee conflicts before they get out of hand.

Educating Restaurant Staff
Good restaurant staff is the backbone of any successful restaurant. In an industry with an extremely high turnover rate, keeping good staff can be a challenge. Educating both new and old staff on your restaurant menu and bar selections will help them be the best salespeople possible.

What Does A Restaurant Manager Do?
Restaurant managers cover everything from advertising and marketing to hiring and firing restaurant staff. They plan menus, keep track of sales and oversee orders for the restaurant kitchen and bar.

Five Ways to Be a Better Restaurant Owner
Tips for being a more effective restaurant owner or manager.

10 Ways to Make Your Restaurant Awesome
Simple ways to improve your restaurant's day to day business.

How to Manage Restaurant Staff
Reader asks for tips for managing restaurant staff.

10 Ways to Make Your Restaurant Staff Awesome
Ten ways to increase morale of your restaurant staff and make them awesome.

10 Ways to Appreciate Your Restaurant Staff
Simple thing a restaurant owner or manager can do to show staff they appreciate them.

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