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Restaurant Catering Trends

 To help your restaurant stand out from other catering businesses, there are many unique menu trends and ideas you can offer. Locally sourced menus, ethnic and street food –inspired cuisine, and family style dining are just a few of today’s popular culinary trends.

Restauranting Spotlight10

10 Ways to Show Restaurant Customers You Care  

Customer appreciation starts with good restaurant management.

How Does Your Restaurant Capture Customer Feedback?

Restaurants can use customer feedback through comment cards and social media to make improvements to customer service.

Restaurant Catering Trends

Local foods, prix fixe menus, gluten free cuisine are all options for restaurant catered menu

Restaurant Menu Marketing Ideas for July

For restaurants, July offers plenty of marketing and promotional opportunities. Catering to vacationing families and offering cool treats in the hot weather is a good way to attract new customers and keep your regulars coming in during the Dog Days of Summer.

Four Ways to Keep Menu Costs Down

Keeping an eye on menu costs can translate into significant savings over time, for any restaurant, as can carefully monitoring food cost, portion sizes and cross utilizing food on the menu.

How to Price Your Restaurant Menu

Local Food Guide for Restaurants

One of the biggest trends right now for restaurants are local foods - everything from fruits and vegetables to beer, wine and spirits. There are many local food

Restaurant Marketing Ideas for June

June is a hodgepodge of national food days, from donuts to cognac to National Lobster Day. Summer vacation starts and farmers markets are in full swing. June

Restaurant Marketing Guide for June

Restaurant marketing ideas for June.

Restaurant Guide to Local Foods

Why restaurants benefit from buying local foods

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