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Staffing the Front of the House


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Hiring Managers, Servers and the Rest

Staffing the Front of the House
Owners who are not on site and try to manage from afar, especially a new restaurant, often run into trouble sooner rather than later. Like a spouse or child, restaurants require a lot of personal attention, and there is no substitute for that.

If the owners are on site, they will usually split the shifts. One will open the restaurant and the other will close, for example. If the owners need additional help, they will hire one or more managers. There may be a General Manager for the restaurant who is responsible for all restaurant operations and who works closely with the Executive Chef. There may also be an Assistant Manager or two depending on the size of the restaurant and the number of hours it is open.

Wait staff
If the restaurant has table service, you will need to have waiters and waitresses or servers. If the concept is more formal, you may have servers and runners.

Runners work under the servers, bringing customers the food they ordered directly from the kitchen.

Bussers are the folks who clear tables and re-set them. They bring the dirty dishes to the kitchen to be washed.

Whether or not you'll have dedicated cashiers manning cash registers will depend on the type of concept you choose. White tablecloth restaurants and many table service eateries do not have cash registers. Rather, they have computer terminals with cash drawers that process credit card transactions located at service areas in the dining room.

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